Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The worst QB's in the league

We all have our opinions on who the worst QB in the league is. This year have quite a list to choose from. I will list the worst starting QB's in the league and then tell you why they are the suck.

Vince Young- He came out of college as a running QB. He managed to grab an astounding 6 on his wonderlic test..... Out of a possible 50. That makes him almost functionally retarded. He makes some of the worst decisions I have ever seen a QB make. At this point he has 5, yes count them 5 td passes to go along with 13 ints. He has a qb rating of 65. He is KILLING the Titans and as soon as his legs are done so is his career. Youngs job is safe,for now. If he does not progress as an actual QB the titans are going to have to look for someone else. They will give him 2 more years at least though.

Alex Smith-Another high draft pick went wrong. He was a system QB all along and the 49ers fell for it hook,line and sinker. He ran Urban Meyers system to perfection and pulled the wool over everyones eyes. He has been hurt somewhat this year and his stats show. He has 2 tds and 4 int's with a qb rating that is actually lower than that of youngs with a 57. He has looked horrible in EVERY game he has played this year. Looking like a lost child in the games he has played in. To put it in perspective. Trent Dilfer gives the 49ers the best shot to win games. TRENT DILFER. Smith will get one last chance to show what he can do next year. He is only going to get this chance because the 49ers brass are reluctant to admit they made a mistake.

Tavaris Jackson-Where to start with jackson. He is just plain terrible. He makes all kinds of bad reads. Teams are forced to stack the box with 8 and 9 men with the vikings running game and are daring Jackson to actually make a throw. Of course he fails. He has 3 tds and 6 ints for a passer rating of 62. The vikes will be looking to either buy a qb or draft one once the season is over.

Steve Mcnair-The thing about Mcnair is he is a true warrior. He is a beast of a man that plays through the pain of all kinds of injuries. That of course causes problems. He sometimes should not play.This year he has had 2 TD's and 4 int's. Mcnair has never really had a great supporting cast and this year is no different. His career is winding down and he should not be the starting QB next year.

Joey Harrington-Joey came out of college overhyped and of course the lions took the bait. He has never shown any kind of talent at the NFL level. He has 7 tds and 7 ints with a QB rating of 79 in his best season of his career, and will be replaced by Brian Brohm next year when the falcons take him with their top pick. Harrington is and always will be a backup QB at best.